When it comes to choosing the right care home, we understand what a difficult decision it can be. Of course, there are practical implications, but beyond this, the emotions involved cannot be underestimated. When you are considering a care home for yourself, you need to be sure that all of your needs are going to be met. If you are looking for the perfect care home for a loved one, often the decision can be even tougher.

Whether you are looking at residential care, dementia care, nursing care, or respite care, these are some of the things that you need to consider.

Making sure that your needs are met

When choosing a care home, it is important to ensure that it meets all of your needs. While a care home may provide residential care, this doesn’t always mean that it will offer more specialist services like support for those with dementia. Care needs such as dementia and palliative care often require specialist support and stimulation which differs from a residential care setting.
Be sure to discuss your individual needs with prospective homes to make sure they’re right for you.

Length of stay

Perhaps you’re not looking for permanent care, but something more short-term. All Autograph homes offer respite stays. A respite stay also allows residents to experience what living in their chosen care home is like and often provides a much-needed change of scenery for all concerned.
It’s also a useful way to get to know a home and its staff should a stay become more permanent in the future.
Whether you are seeking care for yourself, or if you are a family member caring for a relative, respite care can bring welcome relief.

The right location

Do you want the tranquillity of the countryside? Or perhaps you’re looking for city life? Do you want to be close to your family, or closer to where you currently live?
Choosing the right care home is not just about the care, but it’s also important to consider the location of any home that you are looking at. A care home is as unique as your personality, and you need to find one that fits.

The right feel

It could be that you are seeking residential care or brief respite care stay, but either way, a care home needs to feel right. It is worth meeting the care home manager and discussing your needs.
When visiting a home, look at how the staff interact with the residents. Do the residents appear happy? Visiting the care home (in person, or via a virtual tour) will give you more insight and give you a true feel for what it’s like to live there.

Pricing and reviews

You may have found the perfect care home for yourself or a loved one, but you need to make sure that it is affordable. There are various ways of financing care and knowing that you can meet the costs involved is essential.
For more information on funding care, head to our Financing article for some guidance.

It is also worth looking at reviews when choosing the right care home. Whilst there are official inspections by the Care Quality Commission, it is just as important to look at reviews by residents and their families on Google or carehome.co.uk.

We provide outstanding care to our residents. If you are still working through choosing the right care home, get in touch and see how we can help.