With Carers’ Week falling in the month of June, we thought we’d take some time to shine a light on the fantastic work you all do. At Autograph Care, it’s our compassionate and hardworking colleagues that make every day one to remember for our residents, so it’s important we recognise the huge contribution you make. Carers’ Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring and highlight the challenges carers face. Around 6.5 million people in the UK are carers, whether they’re professional carers working in residential care homes and out in the community, or carers looking after their parents, partners, a child or friend.

The theme for Carers Week 2022 is ‘Make caring visible, valued and supported’. Caring should be valued and respected by everyone in our society, and carers should have access to the information and support they need, where and when they need it. Caring can be a hugely rewarding career, but it can also be quite challenging .

Working in a care home is a varied and stimulating job.

MAY YOU be proud OF THE WORK YOU DO the person YOU ARE AND THE difference YOU MAKE

The Care Worker – by Zoe Porter

I wake them up, I get them dressed
I brush their hair so they look their best
I make their bed and wash their clothes
The little things that no-one knows
I hold their hand when they are scared
I talk to them when no-ones there
I give them a friend when they are alone
I treat them like family, like one of my own
And when its time to save a life
I keep my heart strong and hold my head high
I wait ’til it’s over, when everything’s done
When the house has gone quite, the emptiness comes
So please don’t judge me when you think I don’t care
I look after your family, when nobody’s there

Care home staff have unique skills that enable them to provide consistent, individualised care and support to residents in a care environment. Though working in a care home is demanding, caring for others is incredibly rewarding work that can be the start of a flourishing career in health and social care.

Health and social care is an employment sector where your daily work makes a tangible difference in people’s lives. By working in a care home, you’re positively affecting residents who have a range of challenges and their relatives who’re likely to appreciate your support and dedication.

Teamwork is important within our homes. Team members work together to ensure that the residents receive a high standard of care. Though there are different roles in the care home, all colleagues are flexible, adaptable and willing to help each other, especially if there are new challenges and emergencies. Variety is another part of working in a Care Home, not only do you spend your time with people with decades of life experience, many of whom are extremely grateful for your company and engagement, but you are working with often likeminded people who are there for similar or the same reasons as you.

There is much more to working in a residential Care Home than simply providing help with a resident’s personal care. Our colleagues are creative thinkers that come up with ways to engage and motivate people who may have severe physical and mental disabilities. Problem-solving skills are an important part in helping you stay responsive to the changing needs of individuals in your care. Whether you’re helping someone enjoy their day, empowering them to do something they find difficult, supporting their health needs, or even helping them face the end of their life, caring for others is a real privilege. Our colleagues end every day knowing they’ve made a vital difference to residents’ quality of life.

Just some of the reasons why we work in Care.