When considering residential care, it is always an important decision for those involved. It is the choice to make a new home, one that can also provide essential support for the residents that need it.

Residential care refers to a type of accommodation that provides support, supervision, and assistance with daily living activities.

As such, families contemplating this change need to make an informed choice to ensure that they or their loved ones will be properly taken care of.

At Autograph Care, we pride ourselves on providing the very best residential care in the Yorkshire and East Midlands areas, offering a variety of services for all involved.

What are the Advantages of Residential Care?

Autograph Care will provide a comprehensive assessment of your needs to ensure that you will be receiving the care you require.

This includes what daily tasks you may need assistance with, medication needs, or specialised care.

Depending on the level of assistance you or your loved ones may require, we can also assist with services such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, housekeeping, and transportation.

Autograph Care also ensures that safety and security are prioritised, with security systems in place, fall prevention, and fire safety.

Community support is a top priority of residential care, with plenty of opportunities for social engagement, group activities, outings, and events.

Our facilities are designed to offer a home-like environment where individuals can receive round-the-clock care while maintaining their independence to the extent possible.

Autograph Care gives a commitment to you to honour the following:

  • Dignity and Respect – You have a right to privacy and to be treated with dignity and respect, always
  • Independence and Freedom of Choice – We encourage and enable residents to live the life they want to live
  • Openness and transparency – Decisions about your care are taken together. If there is something you would like, tell us and we will listen

Our homes across Yorkshire and the East Midlands boast a unique character for their respective residents.

What Type of Care does Autograph Care provide?

At Autograph Care we provide three main care types that you may be looking for. These are the aforementioned residential care, along with dementia and respite care.

With nearly 600 people developing dementia every day, the need for professional care cannot be overstated. For families that have a loved one suffering from the condition, it can be a painful and emotionally taxing process.

Autograph Care offers families peace of mind, knowing that their relatives have access to professional care, along with activities and well-being support.

Our homes also provide respite care for those looking for short terms stays. This can help bring a change of scenery for those needing professional care, along with companionship during their time here.

For more information regarding Autograph Care’s services, please contact us on 0121 222 9574 or email enquiries@autograph.care for further information.