Lincoln Baron day out

The trailblazing Barons were one of the highlights of Lincoln’s summer creating a walking tour across the city. At the end of September, all 25 Barons came together at Lincoln Castle for a special reunion before they are auctioned off for charity.

So on a bright sunny afternoon we to took everyone in our Minivan up to the castle to see them. They stood magnificent in the grounds and fortunately could be admired from a comfortable seat outside the coffee shop, where we drank coffee and ate cake. A good trip out.

Walking tour of lincoln
Picture with Barons in Lincoln

The Barons were part of the city’s grand Magna Carta 800th anniversary celebrations, a collection of 25 eye-catching barons mapped across a trail in Lincoln City Centre.

Resident with a Baron in Lincoln

Two-metre-tall barons, including Squadron Leader Baron, the Mayor of Lincoln Baron and Steampunk Baron, each has been individually painted and given their own identity by a variety of talented artists who have worked closely with sponsors on the designs.