The pub at our care home in Lincoln

Every afternoon all the staff work together and join in with the activities and entertainment. Everything is planned in advanced but sometimes we have requests to go to the pub and partake in a glass of wine and a packet of crisps.

When the weather is cold and wet the group enthusiasm is low. Our solution? Build our own pub of course!

Car racing at the pubWatching football on the TV at the pub

So thank you to the George and Dragon on Lincoln High Street. Sadly closing after many years of service but happily for us they donated the bar, fixtures and fittings. We’ve reupholstered the seating added a few cosy arms chairs and an XBOX car racing machine (what good pub doesn’t have one?)

The light above the bar and dark glossy wood are perfect to grace and ‘Queen Vic’. So cheers! Here’s to many a fun afternoon.