A Monson Care Home trip to see the Vulcan Aeroplane

The RAF is predominant with life in Lincolnshire. In our home we have some RAF WW2 veterans and some ex-servicemen and women. So we had to visit the Vulcan XH558 in her home hangar. (And later I’ll tell you about our visit to RAF Coningsby Memorial Flight Museum to see the Lancaster)

We certainly seized the opportunity to get ‘up close and personal’ with the Vulcan VIP Tour. We booked our reservation and on a bright sunny day, packed our lunch and set off to Hangar 3, Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster via a quick stop off for some Sherbet Lemons to eat on route.

Day Trip on mini bus

We took two vehicles (shiny new minibus no.2), which obviously led to hijinks on the dual carriageway with our senior citizens insisting the driver overtook the other vehicle so they could gesticulate out of the window as they went past!

The staff at Hangar 3 were amazing. We were welcomed with open arms and a hot cup of tea (not forgetting the biscuits). I don’t know what I was expecting but I certainly wasn’t expecting a plane as large as the Vulcan – what a bird!

We all sat politely during the presentation. Loved the stories about resurrecting the planes to prepare for bombing the Falkland Islands – parts were found all over, even in the officer’s mess hall being used as an ashtray!

Then the fun began. Everyone split up and spread out in the hangar. I don’t think the staff was expecting our group of “sweet people” from a Retirement Home to get out of their wheelchairs and climb into ejection seats while pretend to steer with their walking sticks.

The sun stayed out while we enjoyed our picnic outside. As I we say here at Monson “Another fantastic day”!

Resident sat in chair at Vulcan

Visiting the Vulcan