Masqurade Party at Monson Care Home in Lincoln

Olive’s Wish – a disco

A tall order when all the nightclubs open at midnight!
Fortunately our new pub provides an excellent party space so decided to have our own disco.


After discussion with our residents we decided to spice things up a bit and have a Masquerade Disco! We ordered some masks and everyone set about decorating them with our vast collection of sparkly items in the craft room.

Dancing at PartyResidents with masquerade masks
Chef sorted the chocolate supply for the fountain and the goodies to dip in (most of them healthy) Elvis, our resident music guru brought his equipment to DJ. And we threw in a Piñata for good measure.

Pinata at Party
It is always the old favourites that get everyone up and they certainly did. Lots of dancing, singing and best of all laughter. Obviously, all of the chocolate went and we have many fabulous photos for our album to look back on.