A trip to see a Lancaster Bomber from the Monson Care Home in Lincoln


After our successful trip to see the Vulcan we decided to take our Veteran gentleman (and everyone else we could fit in two mini buses) to visit the Battle of Britain Museum in Coningsby.

When we arrived the AEWAC was warming up of the runway with all engines – everyone hung of the Mini bus window to get a better look. We saw two Typhoons taking off as well.

Our hero had flown thirty three sorties as a rear gunner in WW2. The staff at Coningsby were amazing. We were given a VIP tour by a fantastic gentleman who told us some wonderful human interest stories about the heroes who flew the planes in WW2. I think everyone shed a tear at some point. Every plane in the Hangar is still airborne.

The Lancaster stood tall and majestic at the end of the Hangar and our own much loved hero stood proudly at the Rear Gunner position for his photo call.

Thank you BBMF for ou r VIP Tour of your amazing establishment.

Day Trip to see The Lancaster