Environmental Policy

1. Aims

As part of its corporate identity, ACG Operations Ltd is committed to the implementation and promotion of sustainable policies which aim to minimise environmental impact wherever it occurs, and maximise energy efficiency, resource conservation and the recycling and reduction of waste.

In accordance with its role as a provider of quality care, ACG Operations Ltd will seek to integrate environmental principles into day-to-day activities, staff development and in its relationships with the wider community.

2. Principles

ACG Operations Ltd recognises that it has environmental responsibilities as both a recognised care group and as a local provider of employment, knowledge, and community relations. ACG Operations Ltd is therefore committed to principles of sustainability which where possible minimise carbon use (and its contribution to climate change) and the consumption of natural resources in all its operations.

ACG Operations Ltd acknowledges the relationship between environmental impact and human rights, is committed to a policy of ethical procurement, and works to promote these values with its staff and clients.

3. Responsibilities

In accordance with its environmental aims and principles, ACG Operations Ltd:

  • Recognises that environmental regulation, law, and codes of practice are essential benchmarks for the implementation of the environment policy.
  • Provide the Executive Board with the performance & review of procedures and their effective implementation.
  • Recognises that the implementation of the environment policy is dependent on an effective management system, and a considered in all our business decisions.
  • Acknowledges the important contribution that all its staff can make through participating in and promoting sustainable activities, whether in their professional or personal lives.
  • Continuously update and improve its environment policy and impact through the monitoring of key objectives & production of annual performance reviews, setting of environmental action plans and targets.
  • Is committed to informing its staff, residents, suppliers, and other stakeholders of its environment policy, and to work to minimise the impact that their actions are having on the environment.

4. Procedures

ACG Operations Ltd is committed to continuously improve our environmental impact and to integrate good environmental and sustainable practices into our everyday activities.

Inform and engage with employees, customers, and suppliers of our commitment to achieving the GREEN MARK accreditation and reducing our overall environmental impact.


  • Monitoring consumption to benchmark to understand where we are able to reduce energy waste and our carbon footprint.
  • Record and track consumption on a month-by-month basis, review any anomalies and take required action.
  • Actively pilot alternative renewable energy sources and services to reduce our consumption by 5% during 2023.


  • During refurbishment to consider environmental impact, energy performance, when procuring equipment & in design of refurbishment services, location of supplies and use of the building.
  • Examine on a premise-by-premise basis, cost effective energy savings e.g., building related insulation and µ values, low energy bulbs, windows, tank, and pipe lagging & loft insulation etc.


  • Contracts for waste are negotiated and implemented with an emphasis on reduction, re-use, recycling, and land fill reductions, in line with waste hierarchy.
  • Controlled waste contracts conform with all the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and related regulatory requirements.
  • During the provision of care services, service users are enabled to comply with local recycling arrangements by the support and encouragement of our care staff.
  • Manage business operations to prevent pollution and lower environmental impact.

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